About Us

You know what it’s like, the feeling that you’re a bit pressured, there’s a lot on, that life is a 'dash-around spinning plates and ticking boxes' experience?
There’s time for work, time for family, time for friends but time to just be you, to relax and rest, to notice and reflect, to refocus?
A lot of life is lived on autopilot and when unwelcome feelings like unhappiness, loneliness, and dissatisfaction crop up, well, it’s easier to push them down and drown them out than to make a change. How do I know? Because for a large part of my life I worked in a stressful job, had an enjoyable but hectic social life, I spun plates, I drank wine, I let rest take a back seat and ignored the warning signs my body was sending me until it would take no more.
But it doesn’t need to be like this.

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When I left my job I was stressed out, used up and had to give the meaning of life – or at least mine – a rethink. I realised I had become overly identified with the job I did, the house I lived in, the lifestyle I had and I found myself asking the question ‘Who am I?’
It was at this point that I decided my days of enjoying and enduring the up and downs of a corporate career were over and I would seek a way to self heal.

“I help people find wellness practices they really connect with, ones they are happy to find time for”

I started by getting back to a regular meditation practice, something I’d found enjoyable and helpful for many years but which I’d sadly lost in the last two years. I went on a retreat and was astonished at how calming ten days of silence could be – especially after experiencing the torment of day four when my mind realised how little it had to do!  I went back again and watched in fascination as my mind spun it’s old stories, trotted out its old ‘truths’ and I saw some of my conditioning unravel

“I believe everyone deserves a life they love, one which is authentic and aligned to who they are, one in which mind, body and soul are truly nourished.”

My work now weaves together my life experience and over a thousand hours of courses and retreats. I have taught classes, workshops and one to ones and shown employees in the workplace how to relax and de-stress. You’ll find a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science communicated in a friendly, accessible and informative way. I provide a safe environment in which to learn, space to ask lots of questions and materials to support an ongoing personal practice.

“I offer coaching to individuals helping them to become more acceptingmindfulresilient and thankful and to improve their overall wellbeing.”

Expect to learn how to calm and relax your body and mind and to discover the inner stillness and wise and healthy self that lies beneath your thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. 
It is my deepest wish to help you find your own bliss, a place where you can find more compassion to accept what has been, more gratitude for what is and more hopefulness for what can be giving you more and more reasons to smile every day


  • Meditation, Stress Management, Applied Philosophy & Eastern Psychology Teacher Training at Inside Meditation

  • Certified iRest Yoga Nidra® Teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute

  • Yoga for Insomnia Teacher Training with the Minded Institute

  • Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga training with Judith Hansen Lasater

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sarah Lo

  • Teen Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training at TeenYogaUK

  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford Mindfulness Centre

  • as well as many workshops including breathing practices for health and wellbeing and practices for insomnia


About equilibe

equilibrium - a state of balance, a calm mental state
being - the nature or essence of a person
equilibe - life in balance, living from our true nature

We live in a world where we are bombarded with choices, options and information. We quickly form opinions, make judgements. Our conscious minds can only focus on one thing at a time so it falls to our unconscious minds to do a lot of the decision making for us, sometimes using cognitive biases.

We are taught and judge that some experiences, some thoughts are good or bad, that it’s fine to show this type of emotion but distasteful to show that. Society, our parents, social media informs us of what a successful life looks like and what it doesn’t.

When we experience something ’good’ we try to cling onto it, when we experience something ’bad’ we try to get rid of it, to avoid it. And this way lies dissatisfaction, stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

When we try to get rid of the stress, the dissatisfaction we put in more effort, use more energy trying to achieve or reach something that is already within us, an unshakeable place of wellbeing, ease and peace, our true nature, the aspect of our self which remains when all thoughts, emotions, beliefs and feelings are gone.

Using mindbody or somatic practices can help us to acknowledge the thoughts, conditioning and beliefs that affect our decision making. We begin to recognise the futility of our efforts to control all of life, we learn to accept.

Acceptance plays a critical role in happiness, we find a way to stay balanced by accepting where we are in the present, not looking to the future or the past. Accepting and being grateful for where we are right now increases mental wellbeing and happiness.

When we accept we become more resilient, more able to weather life’s demands and challenges, more able to maintain our sense of equilibrium. We become more flexible, we save the energy we would have utilised ruminating over where it all went wrong and planning what we need to do to put it right.

We begin to experience our true nature, our home.