Moving into Stillness
Gentle Restful Yoga


Starting 8th May

Wednesday 9.30am - 10.30am Egerton Hall, Juno Crescent, Brackley, NN13 6GN
Wednesday 6.00pm - 7.00pm Egerton Hall, Juno Crescent, Brackley, NN13 6GN

There is a deep wisdom within our very flesh if we could only come to our senses and feel it.
— Elizabeth A Behnke


iRest is a research-based, trauma-sensitive meditation, relaxation, and healing protocol that deeply calms the nervous system, supports the integration of negative emotions and thoughts, and helps to build resilience with everyday challenge. It does not require any prior experience of yoga, yoga nidra or meditation and can be practised by anyone no matter their age, circumstances or religious or spiritual beliefs. When practised regularly iRest enables you to greet each moment of your life with equanimity and wellbeing, no matter how difficult or challenging the circumstances.


What does the research say?

Current research suggests that iRest Yoga Nidra effectively reduces stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chemical dependency and post-traumatic stress. If you would like to see examples of the current research on iRest please click here.

iRest and You

This class is designed to ease you into a place of deep rest. Whether you’re tired, exhausted, restless or have a lot of excess energy you’ll find a slow route to stillness where you can reset, rebalance and restore.
You may also find that in the stillness that you connect with that part of you that it always there, a place which lies beneath thoughts, feelings, beliefs and concerns and which feels like home.

Where is iRest used?

iRest is practised around the world, most widely in America where it originated. Based on the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra it has been developed for the West by Dr Richard Miller PhD, a clinical psychologist, author, researcher, yogic scholar and founder of the Integrative Restoration Institute (IRI). In America it has been adopted by the US Military for veteran PTSD and is also taught in yoga and meditation studios, hospitals, clinics, hospice, homeless shelters, community programmes, and schools. In the UK it is beginning to grow in popularity with new teachers being developed each year through Restful Being. It is being developed and used in UK prisons by Thrive Inside.

This weekly class combines calming and rebalancing breathing techniques, slow yoga stretches, yin yoga and iRest Yoga Nidra. If that all sounds like a lot, you won’t notice as moment by moment we move gently from one phase to another, each taking you one step closer to rest and deep relaxation.

Breathing Well is important as the breath supplies vital organs with oxygen and helps to remove toxins from the body. Breath is also the link between body and mind. When the breath is fast and shallow our minds will feel stressed and agitated, when our breath is slower and deeper we will feel calmer and more balanced.
Slow Stretching will help us begin our journey inwards, you’ll be encouraged to practise paying mindful attention to your body and how it feels as you slowly move
Yin Yoga
is a floor-based passive form of yoga with an emphasis on stillness. Postures are held for longer periods of time encouraging you to relax and surrender to gravity.
iRest Yoga Nidra is deeply calming to the nervous system. For more information go to or see the panel on the left.

What to expect

Each class will begin with breathing techniques to calm the nervous system and help you to ground.
After settling in we’ll do some gentle stretches and slow yoga encouraging the body to release built up and held patterns of tension.
The second half of the class will be done lying on the floor where you’ll be guided into a state of deep relaxation using iRest Yoga Nidra.

What you’ll learn

  • how to use the breath to calm the body and mind. 

  • different yoga poses to release stress and tension and bring about a state of deep relaxation

  • how to access the deep wisdom of the body and to experience the energy of thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs as sensation

  • how to be at peace with whatever arises

What you’ll need to bring

  • a yoga mat and small pillow or cushion for underneath your head when lying down

  • it’s best to wear loose clothing in which you can move comfortably and some warmer layers for the iRest in the second half of class

  • a bottle of water to keep hydrate


  • £8.50 via BACS Account Number 61487272 Sort Code 40-19-07 and email once you have made your payment

  • or cash payment in class

  • or purchase a 5 class pass for £40 (£8 per class) or a 10 class pass for £75 (£7.50 per class) by clicking on the button below.