Do More of What Makes You Happy


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Happiness is inside, not outside; therefore, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are
— Henry Van Dyke

We all want to be happy - well, who wouldn’t!
But how many times do you utter the words “I’ll be happy when…..?”
We all do it, we confuse happiness with getting what we want, but happiness isn't something you get, it's something you are. It's not about the things you have, it's about the thoughts you have, the attitude you bring to any given situation.

When we think we’ll be happy when… we’re putting happiness off for some time in the future which raises the question, do we not deserve to be happy, now, in the present moment?

Research shows that we are happier not when we have more money, nor a more enjoyable job etc.etc. but when we have a sense of meaning and purpose, when we spend time with people who matter to us, and when we invest time in doing things we love.

Most popular for inspiring happiness are:

  • travel, going to concerts, getting outside, volunteering, journalling

  • taking up a new hobby, learning something new, trying out a new restaurant

Would any of these be on your list? We can feel like we lack the time to do more of what we love and if you’re finding yourself nodding to this why not give this a try:

  1. Write a list of things you love, enjoyable things which also give you a sense of satisfaction and meaning.

  2. Write a list of things you’d like to try, which you have a hunch you’d love if only you had the time

  3. Then write a list of things you do regularly that you merely like, they’re okay but they don’t inspire you to shout about them from the hilltops.

  4. Next, work through list 3 and each time you find something you can eliminate replace it with something from list 1 or 2. Even if you only squeeze one thing onto your list it’s a step in the right direction.

and if you can add something to do which is the same as a friend or someone close, even better!