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Cancellation Policy for private sessions

Up to 48 hours notice: no fee charged.
After 48 hours the full fee for the allotted appointment time will be owed, plus any travel cost incurred.


"Deborah is an extremely kind, knowledgable and empathic teacher, who goes above and beyond to help me apply meditation techniques to my sometimes difficult life living with mental illness. She truly connects with my experiences, thoughts and emotions at hand and is a profoundly calming and reassuring teacher. Thanks to Deborah’s expertise, I have discovered a whole new perspective on life, including how I see myself and interact with others. I have gained invaluable tools to calm myself and improve my mental wellbeing, and I cannot thank or recommend her highly enough.” JA Northampton

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than this? Do you feel there’s something missing, something you’ve can’t quite put your finger on, something you’ve never quite found?
Do you feel as if you’re continually running around, mind racing, trying to find some time to feel less anxious, less stressed? Do you feel that if you could just get one good nights sleep everything would just look so much better?

If you’ve read Deborah’s story you’ll know that these are all situations she’s very familiar with. She’s also familiar with how rewarding life can be when you step back and learn how to take a fresh perspective before diving back into the marvellous messiness of life once more.
Because unless you want to live in a cave somewhere life is always going to be messy, there will always be challenges, there will always be unexpected events and constant change.

The skill is being able to create some space for the stillness in which to reflect, make choices and then navigate life in a way that enables you to roll with the punches, remain calm in a crisis and embrace all of the opportunities you have to grow, to smile and to be content.

What We Do

A private session with Deborah can include any or all of the following - mindfulness, meditation, yoga nidra, restorative or yin yoga, somatic healing, breath work and nature walks. You can expect to be met where you are and to be supported with kindness, understanding and acceptance.
Every person is different so each session will be unique, we’ll work together to tailor the best combination for your needs.
Simply complete the form for an initial chat over the phone to talk about your situation and objectives, this initial step is no obligation and free of charge. Please include in the message the best time of day to receive the call.

One to One Sessions

Deborah is able to visit your home or workspace, in a consulting room in either Towcester or Brackley or work remotely via Skype. Private sessions are usually on Tuesday or Friday.

First sessions of 90 minutes are recommended as this gives time for us to develop a rapport and establish a good foundation upon which to base our work together. Follow up sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes.

Costs are £45 per hour or £65 for 90 minutes. Additional costs may be incurred for longer journeys to your home or workspace.

One to One Packages

These include:

  • 1 x initial 90 minute Session

  • 5 x 60 minute Sessions

  • Customised support materials including journal, resources and recordings. These will assist you in between sessions when you’ll be encouraged to develop your self learning ready for our next time together.

Cost £250. Additional costs may be incurred for longer journeys to your home or workspace.

Small Group Sessions

These can be arranged for up to four people and tailored to your requirements for example:

  • de-stress sessions for teens

  • partner sessions

  • a group of friends relaxing together in your own surroundings

Cost agreed after initial contact