Relax and Let Go
Mindfulness &


Thursdays 6.15pm - 7.15pm The Sawpits Centre, Richmond Road, Towcester, NN12 6EX

Starting Wednesday 8th May
Wednesday 7.15pm - 8.15pm Egerton Hall, Juno Crescent, Brackley, NN13 6GN

Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives
— William James


After years of teaching meditation the same concerns about starting a practice come up time after time. Here are a few of the most common and why they are myths not facts:

‘I’m too busy to meditate’

A practice of just 30 minutes a day, either in one sitting or two sessions of 15 minutes is all it takes for significant benefits to be achieved. That’s just 2% of each day and less time than you’ll recover from being more productive. Is’s not by accident that senior executives of companies like Google, BMW and Linked In are all regular meditators.

‘It takes years to learn meditation or to get any benefits’

A simple mindfulness practice of paying attention to the breath takes just minutes to learn, as does a meditation using a repeated word or phrase. After just a few days of practise it is common to notice improved sleep, better concentration and a feeling of greater calmness.

‘I can’t meditate, I can’t stop my mind from thinking’

Trying to command your mind to stop thinking is like telling your heart to stop beating. The minds job is to think so why would it stop just because you sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath? The benefit of meditation is not that your mind stops doing its job but that instead of you surfing the wave of thoughts without even noticing where they are taking you, you begin to notice how one thought leads to another, how the same thought or belief keeps cropping up time and time again. It is in the noticing not the stopping that you find liberation from beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you.

‘I can’t sit cross legged on the floor’

And you won’t have to! In our classes we encourage everyone to sit on a chair. The best posture to adopt is one in which you are supremely comfortable but not so much you find yourself tipping over into sleep. In a relaxed body it’s easier to find a relaxed mind.

This weekly class combines both mindfulness and meditation practices to ensure you reach a relaxed state of mind and body. The two practices are often thought to be one and the same but are different in both the way they are done and the benefits each brings.

‘Mindfulness’ is a Focused Attention Meditation (FAM) which involves sustaining attention on a specific object and coming into the present moment. You may have come across mindfulness practices involving walking, eating, breathing, body scans and more, what they all have in common is how the body feels, the effect the activity is having, right here, right now. Mindfulness is very effective in dealing with stress in the present moment.

‘Meditation’ is an Open Monitoring Meditation (OMM) which involves moment-to-moment, nonreactive, monitoring of the present experience. Being open happens when you rest back from paying attention and soften into deep rest, it this state you’ll naturally become aware of whatever comes up without directly focusing on it. Think of entering a room to look for your missing keys, you pay attention to the table to see if they are there but at the same time you are aware of the cat lying on a chair, the radio playing, the curtains at the window, without paying attention to them at all. When we meditate we experience a deep healing rest which is deeper than sleep and when the body gets the rest it needs it knows how to heal itself. Meditation is good at getting rid of stress from the past.

What to expect

Each class will include a short talk about an aspect of a meditation or mindfulness practice, movement to rid the body of tension, breathing techniques to calm body and mind, a short mindfulness practice followed by meditation. We’ll end the class with an opportunity to ask questions.

This class is suitable for anyone, you just need an intention to start a practice and an open mind.

What you’ll learn

  • how to begin, enjoy and develop a regular meditation practice. 

  • how to use meditation to gain insights into the way you currently feel and think

  • different breathing and mindfulness techniques to find a place of inner peace and balance throughout your day

What you’ll need to bring

  • it’s best to wear loose clothing in which you can sit comfortably, either on a chair or a cushion

  • a bottle of water to keep hydrated

  • if you’d like to take notes please bring paper and pen


  • £8.50 via BACS Account Number 61487272 Sort Code 40-19-07 and email once you have made your payment

  • or cash payment in class

  • or purchase a 5 class pass for £40 (£8 per class) or a 10 class pass for £75 (£7.50 per class) by clicking on the button below.